Griselda at “National Defence Hackathon”

Participation of the team in the development of complex software solutions within the framework of the Ukrainian Defense Hackathon 2022. The second place according to the results of the work.

It was the largest event in terms of the number of participants held in Ukraine. In total, nearly 500 people participated in the National Defense Hackathon 2022. Almost 300 participants - 41 teams - directly competed. At the exhibition of technical solutions, 17 selected projects were presented. About 200 specialists took part in panel discussions held within the framework of the hackathon.
: Technical directionPrivate: 1. Valkyrie2. Griselda3. State 1. c.o.p.2. DDK DSSZZI3. CodeDefendersIPSO direction1. LIFPSO2. 2. commands: Follow white rabbit and Pegasus

Technical stream
1. Valkyrie
2. Griselda
3. YH

1. C.O.P.
3. CodeDefendersPsy

Ops stream
2 teams: Follow White Rabbit and Pegasus

According to Cyber Unit Technologies Founder and technological partner of the Hackthon Yegor Aushev, among the main hackathon objectives special attention was given to consolidation of cyber- and IT- community of our country, unity of the specialists from private and government sectors to achieve victory over aggressor. And this objective was met. Specialists of different streams agreed to create a peculiar hub for better interaction.

In particular, specialists of countering disinformation informed about creating a hub to share information in real time and counter hybrid aggression in the informational space even more effectively.

By order of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, the organizers and performers of the defense hackathon were awarded the medal "For Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine" from the Ministry of Defense.
General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine