About us

a team of experienced programmers, military veterans, and volunteers who have united around the development of a unique system.
39 thous.
Target group / month
Shift processing
Stages of checking
input information
28 sec.
the time from the appearance
of the information to the
mark on the tablet
with the system

Our vision is to unite.
Our mission is to win

Griselda's team of 5 people, who worked on the project from the mail of war 24/7, has grown to hundreds of people today.
These are programmers (with expertise in creating the "Bronja"/"Armor" application).
These are dozens of military experts and specialists from various fields (candidates of sciences, directors, sociologists, scrum managers of leading companies in the world).
The Griselda product specializes in high-speed and high-quality processing of large data streams, their safe storage, and automation of input and transfer processes. Automatic analysis modules and neural networks are involved in the processing of information. 

There are 4 stages of verification responsible for the quality of information. What civilian business has taught us is mandatory QA (quality assurance) at every stage of verification, as well as the principle "everything concerns me".
We know that the end user has a very limited time to think and analyze information. That's why we have to analyze everything turn by turn. This is a huge responsibility of the team, and everyone understands it.

After all stages of data entry, processing and verification, the ready information is transmitted to the military in many ways, which depend only on the convenience of information consumption. Automatic data transfer to applications: Delta, Kropyva, Bronja (Armor), GisArta.

Modules for automatic decoding of radio messages, bots-scrapers, modules for instant viewing of the selected layer with a limit on the number of devices - these are only some brief features of the system.

The Griselda and Deep State UA team consists of volunteers, demobilized military personnel, veterans, military personnel, sociologists, programmers, and military experts — who are actively consulting with the relevant units Special Operations Forces. Armed Forces of Ukraine, Security Service of Ukraine, Innovation Center at Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and other agencies that help strategically prioritize product development for a shared win..

There is no data on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the system, there was not and there will not be any.

Our projects along with

Упс, щось пішло не так. Тут має бути картинка.

Civilian Intelligence

The project with the main partner — a team for processing data arrays and transferring analytics to the Armed Forces of Ukraine​​
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Упс, щось пішло не так. Тут має бути картинка.

Deep State UA

Exchange of operational data on demarcation lines, development of a “Pathogen” civilian awareness data layer and much more
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Упс, щось пішло не так. Тут має бути картинка.

Victory Drones

Preparation of training materials about the Griselda system for a closed course by the team Victory Drones on the Prometheus platform
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